Wood Chess & Backgammon Set Inlaid with Mother of Pearl

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This chess and backgammon set is handcrafted out of wood and decorated with mother-of-pearl, bone and plastic inlay. The checkers of the chess set are all delicately carved by hand from animal bones and depict ancient Egyptian figurines. This set makes a perfect gift for a strategy games aficionado. Also, by folding in half and closing as a box where the checkers, chips and dice can be stored, this set is ideal for travel.
  • Open: 23 cm x 23 cm x 3 cm
  • Folded: 23 cm x 11.5 cm x 6 cm
  • Handmade with care in Egypt
  • Fulfillment and shipment from Canada

"Tactics is what you do when there is something to do; strategy is what you do when there is nothing to do." ~Savielly Tartakower


The Artisans

The technique of marquetry and inlaying of wood with contrasting material has been mastered by Egyptians for thousand of years going back to Pharaonic times. Egyptian craftsmen refined their inlay techniques, which have also been masterly used in Coptic and Islamic art, for centuries. This traditional craft is preserved today by a small group of artisans in a historic neighborhood of Cairo who are taught the secrets of this technique by other master artisans.