Unique Beauty for Your Home

Inspired by the beautiful Egyptian countryside, this handcrafted soap dish depicts a pretty bird perched on a branch. 

Unique handcrafted pieces by young potters in a pottery school in a small village in Luxor in the south of Egypt. 

Shaped of clay extracted from the quarries of the gorgeous city of Aswan in Egypt and decorated with ceramic glaze, each piece created by these potters is a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Our Mission: Celebrating Craftsmanship and Supporting Artisans

At Dandarah, we aim to empower artisans and sustain traditional crafts by offering unique ethically sourced handmade products that tell a story of people, lands and traditions.

We invite you to experience the Dandarah products crafted with care, and to become part of this story of empowerment to artisans and their crafts.

Our online store is for clients in Canada, the USA and Europe. All products are shipped from Canada.


Viscose Harem Pant: Love these pants!

Super comfortable. Beautiful and vibrant colours. I love these pants! Excellent customer service as well. I will be buying more for sure!


Braids Handwoven Scarf: My new scarf

I love this scarf! It is a perfect length and the bright colours make it the perfect accent to any outfit!


Raghd Handcrafted Cosmetic Bags: Wonderful cosmetic bags! 

It is coming in pair, one for my purse and one for my travel bag. The sizes are perfect, and the quality is amassing. I really enjoy to have these unique cosmetic bags. The colors are rich and vibrant. The tissue is a very good quality, and I feel that will last a very long time. I like the stylish henna hand.


Double-faced Diamond Handwoven Shawl: Beautiful shawl!

This is a really beautiful shawl - just the weight I was looking for. The colours are absolutely lovely and the shawl is beautifully made. Excellent value for the money!


Small Solid Handwoven Scarf: I bought seven of these beautifully crafted scarves as Easter presents for the women in my family. The colors are perfect for spring and the warmer weather we are all looking forward to! Thank You Hala they were a great gift giving idea!!

Nancy Catalfamo

Proud Member of

Aspen Institute Artisan Alliance Member                 Fair Trade Federation Member