Dandarah & Fair Trade

Dandarah is proud to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation,
incorporating the principles of fair trade into every aspect of our business.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is about ensuring good wages and safe conditions for the artisans who are making a product. We go beyond that and practice responsibility in all of our work — we call it 360° fair trade. It’s about building deeper, longer-term partnerships that empower producers to grow their businesses and strengthen their communities. We practice 360° fair trade, which means our entire business is socially and environmentally responsible in everything we do.

For artisans, it means they get a long-term buying partner they can trust.

For consumers, it means you get the highest quality, most authentic products, made the traditional way.

As members of the Fair Trade Federation, we make the deepest commitment you can make in the fair trade world. We call it 360° fair trade, meaning that our whole business goes through a rigorous screening and verification process, and we strive to create positive change through all of our work: socially, economically, and environmentally. We build long-term partnerships that ensure good wages and safe conditions for artisans on the ground, and we strive to be responsible and create positive change through all of our work.

Fair Trade Federation Principles

As a Fair Trade Federation member, Dandarah fully commits to the following principles in all of our transactions.

  • Principle 1: Create Opportunities
  • Principle 2: Develop Transparent and Accountable Relationships
  • Principle 3: Build Capacity
  • Principle 4: Promote Fair Trade
  • Principle 5: Pay Promptly and Fairly
  • Principle 6: Support Safe & Empowering Working Conditions
  • Principle 7: Cultivate Environment Stewardship
  • Principle 8: Ensure the Rights of Children
  • Principle 9: Respect Cultural Identity

Fair Trade Federation Principles