Designers Who Aim to Support Women Artisans

Some designers in Egypt aim to support Egyptian women artisans by helping them work from their own villages and homes or close to them, creating handmade products enriched with the traditional artwork of Egypt.

One of the designers works with 500 women living in remote areas of Egypt, such as the Sinai peninsula and the Siwa oasis, as well as in her atelier in Cairo, to create unique products showcasing the typical embroidery work from those areas, as such offering independence and sustainable income to those women, while at the same time helping to preserve traditional crafts.

Another Egyptian designer works with about 15 women teaching them how to create high quality hand sewn and embroidered products to maintain typical Egyptian craftsmanship that is being lost such as Tally, using Egyptian materials for her accessories, which she sources from the Bedouin souqs (markets) of Al Arish in Sinai and the ancient textile villages of Upper Egypt. She also revives some of the traditional stitches that those places are famous for.


We sell shoulder bags, crossbody bags, clutches, cosmetic bags, wallets, shawls, scarves, cushion covers and finger puppets created by those designers and the women from these different local communities.

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