Hand Embroidered Tapestry - Water Bearers

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  • Hand embroidered tapestry of water bearers, on a red background of handwoven textile
  • 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Approx. 35 x 43 cm
  • Embroidered in 2017 by Nagwa Taha, an artist from Akhmim rural village in Upper Egypt
  • Fulfillment and shipment from Canada


The Artisans

Akhmim WeaversThe Akhmim project is one of the development initiatives of the Association of Upper Egypt for Education and Development (AUEED). This project gives the opportunity for girls and women to perpetuate a 4000 years old local textile industry by allowing them to weave traditional products and revive Coptic and Islamic designs from the region dating back to the 3rd century AD.