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Ancient Egyptian Necklace with Horus Eye Amulet

Ancient Egyptian Necklace with Horus Eye Amulet

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Steatite Horus eye amulet, faience mummy beads and glass semi-precious stones with silver clasp. Handmade by a group of 20 women in the village of Dandarah, in the South of Egypt.

Horus eye or wedjat eye is one of the most popular amulets in ancient Egypt. It depicts a combination of a human and a falcon eye, since Horus was often associated with a falcon.

  • Dimensions: Length 18" / 46 cm, Pendant: W 1.2" / 3 cm x H 0.8" / 2 cm
  • Color: Green
  • Fair trade
  • Handmade in Egypt
  • Fulfillment & shipment from Canada
Steatite is a soapy feeling compact variety of essentially soapstone, soft enough to be readily cut with the knife, hence it can be easily worked to make ornaments. It retains and transmits heat, and is physically and spiritually warming, and in harmony with all astrological signs. Ancient Egyptians made all of the amulets of steatite, also adding glaze with a second firing.
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