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Wrap Container Candles

Wrap Container Candles

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Make a statement in your home by featuring one or more of these Wrap Container Candles. The wraps have been upcycled from discarded metal oil barrels, and the candle container is a recycled rum bottle cut to size. With different designs to choose from, they can be mixed and matched to reflect your mood or your home aesthetic.  


The wraps consist of a handpoured  candle into an upcycled rum bottle with a metal wrap encasing the candle. The metal wrap measures 3" W x 2" H. It surrounds a clear glass vessel 2.75" in diameter and 3" high. It provides an estimated burn time of 20 hours.

Without wrapping, the candle weighs approximately 1.04 lb.



Angeline grew up around metal work and is proud to be responsible for managing her uncle's business. She is in charge of sales, marketing, inventory, and record keeping. She is excited to be an important part of her uncle’s business.

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