Hand Embroidered Canvas Tote Bag - Yellow

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A countryside scene with camel herders walking their camels along the bank of the Nile river adorns the surface of this tote handbag exquisitely hand embroidered on yellow canvas. This tote bag is handcrafted by a skilled woman artisan from Egypt. In an informal neighbourhood at the edge of Cairo, Egypt, a group of low-income women create these unique totes. Each tote is a one-of-a-kind treasure. It's ideal for a trip to the gym, a day at the beach, shopping at the farmer's market or a picnic in the park

  • Approx W 38 cm x H 43 cm
  • Crafted of sturdy canvas
  • Features a Velcro closure
  • Handmade in Egypt
  • Fulfillment and shipment from Canada