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Pottery Round Plate - Palm Tree & Egret

Pottery Round Plate - Palm Tree & Egret

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Inspired by the beautiful Egyptian countryside, this handcrafted decorative plate is decorated with an exquisitely hand carved and coloured rural adobe house, surrounded by palm trees and egrets. Egret (or abu qerdan, in Arabic) is a common rural bird in Egypt. The blue and brown motifs contrast beautifully against the white glaze. 

This plate is handcrafted by young potters in a pottery school in a small village in Luxor, in the south of Egypt. It is shaped of clay extracted from the quarries of the gorgeous city of Aswan in Egypt, and is then decorated with ceramic glaze. Each piece created by these potters is a one-of-a-kind treasure.

  • Ceramic
  • Approx. diameter 25 cm x H 7 cm
  • Given it is handcrafted, color, size and/or motif may vary slightly
  • Most often, the potter's name is inscribed in Arabic on the plate
  • Use alone as a spectacular centerpiece plate, or pair with other pottery plates or bowls to serve a variety of treats 
  • Handmade in Egypt
  • Fulfillment and shipment from Canada
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