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Metal Pillar Candle Plate - Leaves

Metal Pillar Candle Plate - Leaves

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This metal pillar candle plate is made with hand-hammered metal repurposed from recycled oil barrels. The plate is polished to show-off its natural color. Its rustic look provides a great way to liven up your long-burning beeswax candles. It also pairs nicely with a bottle of wine for a fun hostess gift. Perfect to place your jewelry not to misplace them when you take them off.

Verified Fair Trade by the Fair Trade Federation & handcrafted by a Haitian artisan seeking to build a better life for her or his family.


The Metal Pillar Candle Plate measures 7" in diameter and has a slight depression in the center properly sized for most pillar candles. The product weight is 0.30 lb.



Admerson is a metal art worker in Croix Des Bouquets and is one of the best metal artists in his village. He recently enlisted his daughter to take over all aspects of business management. Now he is able to focus on the high quality products he produces, and his daughter’s help has allowed him to increase sales and his family’s income. He is also training a new group of women artisans interested in the art of metal working.

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